Presenter Murtagh anDoile

Name Murtagh anDoile
Biography: Murtagh anDoile is a Drui of the Tuatha de Danann (NECTW), an Irish Mystery Tradition. He is the founder of Nemed na Morrigna (Morrigan’s Grove), as well as the Director of the Pagan History Project. A Wild Druid, he's been published in various Pagan magazines. As an independent researcher, he has presented at various academic conferences. He is one of the progenitors of the Celtic Reconstructionist Movement and has been working with the Gods and Magic of Ireland since the 1970s. He has studied Geomancy for over 35 years, and has reconstructed an Etruscan Magical System.
Other Members: Joe Futerman; Jeffrey Albaugh; Scott Gilliam,possibly Sam Webster (for Rirual submission only)

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